Ortopedik Lamborghini Yataklar

Magniflex Spa with Italy's largest mattress company with a 10-Year Warranty. We will be pleased to introduce you to The company, which is the leader in the world in the mattress industry, produces the sleeping products of the world brand by Tonino Lamborghini in its technological factories developed in its own R&D laboratories.

Magniflex brand is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to quality, health and environment-friendly mattresses in Italy, and it is Europe's largest sleep system manufacturer with a production of over 10000 pieces per day.
Underneath all these successes are more than 50 years of experience and ongoing investments.
Collaborations with OEKO, UKAS, AJA, LGS, MEDICAL DEVICE and others continue.

As a company specialized in production, we also have special order productions.


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