Discount Furniture

The materials used in the products are of first class quality. We do not exaggerate the model, the quality of the fabric texture is great. Such a miracle at these prices. The products are both discounted, stylish, comfortable and different.
Luksdecor Discount Furniture Service
The product reaches you in the given deadline. Delivery, installation, everything is done completely. (Such as packaging, assembly, delivery, etc ...) makes production with.
All of Turkey to the guaranteed delivery and shipping, provide installation facility.
Do not make your decision without contacting us for discounted furniture.
In addition to discounted furniture as luxurydecor, it also offers you services in the area of sofa sets, dining room sets, tv units, bedroom sets, dressing room sets, headboard base, discounted beds, coat hanger entry, young room.

17.400 TL (18.792 TL inc tax)
18.440 TL (19.915 TL inc tax)
17.870 TL (19.300 TL inc tax)
9.740 TL (10.519 TL inc tax)
14.740 TL (15.919 TL inc tax)
17.740 TL (19.159 TL inc tax)
9.740 TL (10.519 TL inc tax)
14.740 TL (15.919 TL inc tax)
14.740 TL (15.919 TL inc tax)
15.740 TL (16.999 TL inc tax)
14.740 TL (15.919 TL inc tax)
12.740 TL (13.759 TL inc tax)
9.870 TL (10.660 TL inc tax)
11.740 TL (12.679 TL inc tax)
8.740 TL (9.439 TL inc tax)
6.870 TL (7.420 TL inc tax)

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