How Should Dressing Room Closet Decoration Be?

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

How Should Dressing Room Closet Decoration Be?

When choosing your room:

If you are planning to turn a room in your home into a dressing room, choose the room with the fewest windows. This way, you will be able to spare more space for your clothes. Also, smaller windows mean less dust.

One of the biggest advantages a dressing room can have is undoubtedly that it is large and airy. This way, you won't experience any jostling due to narrow space while putting on and taking off your clothes. Moreover, we are even more careful about what to wear on special occasions such as New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day.

  All walls of the dressing room should be decorated with shelves and cabinets from floor to ceiling, and every corner of the available space should be used wisely.

One of the biggest advantages of the dressing room is that it is completely organized. In the dressing rooms, a special area is allocated for each of the clothes, shoes, bags and other personal clothing items, and all of them should have a clear location.

The lighting element in dressing rooms has two important functions; To provide functional light for dressing and reviewing how one looks one last time, as well as to create a spacious and spacious atmosphere. It can be difficult to create an adequate lighting plan that successfully performs both of these functions.

You need a place to sit when you put on shoes and socks or paint your nails in the room.

No more distinction between summer and winter

If you design one of your rooms as a dressing room and turn this room into a completely open closet, you will no longer need to change the places of your summer and winter clothes with each season. Since you will have a large enough space, you can use some of the shelves for your summer clothes and some for your winter clothes.

Don't throw away your shoe boxes

After a while, shoes stored without boxes in shoe cabinets begin to wear out and lose their shape as they crush each other. The biggest savior in this situation is to keep the shoes with their boxes. One of the best aspects of the dressing room is that it creates a space to store shoes and their boxes.

Space to dry your laundry

It is no longer possible to dry laundry on the balcony as before, especially in housing estate-style public housing areas located in big cities. In this case, you need a place to put your laundry rack. The place where the clothes hanger, which will create a rather ugly appearance in other areas of the house, definitely belongs is in the dressing rooms. If you want, open the window so it can dry in the open air, or install it next to the radiator so it can dry quickly even in winter. In addition, your basket where you collect the dried laundry, your ironing board, and your iron may also be among the fixtures of your dressing room.

Duvets, duvet covers

When summer comes, where to put the quilts away is always a question mark. Therefore, even if you do not want to, you will have to buy beds with storage bases because your house is small. If you have a dressing room, you are free to choose your bed, because you can bring the concept of what the old people call "burden" to your dressing room. You can store your unused duvet cover sets and quilts that you want to put away when summer comes in your dressing room.


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