Garden Furniture Cushions

Garden Furniture Cushions.

How should Garden Furniture Cushions be?

The mattresses, accessories and fabrics we choose for garden furniture should also be resistant to outdoor conditions such as garden furniture, sun and moisture. High quality mattresses and fabrics should be preferred for garden furniture in order to prevent unwanted results such as color fading and wear.

Polyester Content Fabric
Polyester-containing fabric that is easy to clean and stain-free should be used in cushions. In this way, you can easily wipe or machine wash.

Color is as important as quality in garden furniture.
Since garden furniture will be under the sun all day, no matter how high quality materials are used, some colors may fade in the sunlight or cast color. Light colors should be preferred for garden furniture rather than dark colors.
Having a zippered cushion cover will allow you to easily take it out and machine wash it if necessary.

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