Tavan Dekorasyonlarıile Mekanlarınıza Estetik Bir Dokunuş Katın

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

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  Cafe Ceiling Decorations, Bar Ceiling Decorations Although the floor, walls and furniture are generally in the foreground in these places, the ceilings should not be forgotten either. Ceilings have the potential to complement the overall atmosphere of the room and add an aesthetic touch to your home. In this article, discover how you can make your ceiling decorations stand out and make the spaces in your home more impressive.

2. Patterned Ceiling Coverings

You can also apply patterned ceiling coverings to make your ceiling more eye-catching. You can enhance the aesthetics of the room by applying a floral pattern, geometric shapes, or other visual patterns to your ceiling. You can also achieve a unique look by using different materials such as wood, stone or metal.

3. Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are a decoration option that has gained popularity in recent years. These ceilings can be created with different materials, such as a panel mounted on a frame or a fabric sheet attached near the ceiling. Suspended ceilings protect your ceilings from external factors while providing a modern and stylish appearance. Additionally, these ceilings allow you to diversify your lighting options.

4. Stropier and Plasterboard Applications

Stropier or plasterboard applications used on ceilings provide a flashy and assertive ceiling decoration. Stropiers add elegance and classic atmosphere to the room. Plasterboards, on the other hand, increase the character of the room by clarifying the structure of the ceiling with different patterns and forms. When you choose these materials in accordance with the style and size of the room, you can decorate your ceilings in a striking way.