​Divider Separators Indoors CNC Divider Separator Decorations

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Divider Separators Indoors CNC Divider Separator Decorations

CNC Separator Decorations can be considered as the building material and shape used in the separators.

CNC Separators come across many different types in terms of function and style used. CNC separator Decorations Material-wise:

Wooden Separators, Wrought Iron Separators, MDfF Separators, Glass Separators

Fabric Upholstery Separators, Metal Chromed Separators in Gold colors

Cloth derivatives can be Separators.

In most separators, it is possible to see the back of the panel, although it is not clear.

In fact, the purpose is not to create a wall-type separation, but only to divide the space.

In some separators, not only space separation is considered, but also some decoration-based functions are considered.

Metal separators, which are used to provide an aesthetic touch in interior spaces and to separate functional areas, have gained popularity in recent years. These decorative elements not only offer a modern and stylish look, but also create a practical solution, making interiors more functional. In this article, information will be given about the advantages and usage areas of metal separators.


Aesthetic look

Separating metal separators attract attention with their designs that provide an aesthetic touch to interior spaces. The elegance and durability of the metal material guarantees long-lasting use of these decorative elements. Thanks to different design options, it can be adapted to any interior and a decoration that reflects personal preferences can be created.

Provides Light and Air Flow

Separating metal separators separate zones without preventing interior spaces from receiving natural light and providing air flow. Thanks to these features, it creates a spacious and airy environment in spaces. Additionally, since they have an open structure, they visually make the space appear larger and more spacious.

Privacy and Private Areas

Separating metal separators are ideal for identifying private areas and sections. It can be used especially in offices, living areas or open-plan spaces to separate work or rest areas. In this way, privacy is ensured and the functional use of the space becomes easier.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Separating metal separators have a structure that can be easily assembled and disassembled. Therefore, it is easy to move the dividers for rearranging interior spaces or for a different use. In addition, the durability and easy-to-clean nature of the metal material enables maintenance and cleaning operations to be carried out practically.

Usage areas

Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and cafes can offer different experiences to their guests by dividing their interiors into different sections. Separating metal separators create a more comfortable and private atmosphere in such places by separating table groups and seating areas.

Hotels and Spa Centers

Hotels and spa centers are places that usually have different sections. Separating metal separators can be preferred to separate the reception area in hotel lobbies, hotel rooms or spa areas. In this way, an aesthetic appearance is provided while protecting the personal space of the guests.

Offices and Business Centers

Open office plans have become increasingly popular, but consideration should also be given to employees' privacy and concentration needs. Separating metal separators can be used to define work areas, meeting rooms or rest areas in open office spaces. Thus, employees can have a more comfortable and focused working environment.

Houses and Residences

Separating metal separators can be used to identify different sections in homes. For example, it can be used to separate the living room and dining room or the kitchen and work area. It can also be preferred as a decorative element in openly used areas.


Separating metal separators are an ideal decoration element to provide an aesthetic appearance and offer a practical solution in interior spaces. With its aesthetic designs, functionality and durability, it can create privacy and private areas by dividing interior spaces. It can be preferred in many different areas of use such as restaurants, hotels, offices and homes. As a result, metal separators are a design element that complements the decoration of interior spaces and offers a functional solution.

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