Ideas About Choosing Hotel Reception Decoration Furniture Style

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Hotel receptions are important areas where a hotel creates the first impression of guests. Therefore, it should be carefully arranged for functionality and visual appeal. The furniture used in hotel reception decoration are critical elements that determine the atmosphere of the place.

Reception Desk

The reception desk is the most important piece of furniture found in every hotel reception. It should be functional so that employees can do their jobs more efficiently, and also provide a pleasant feeling of welcome to guests. Therefore, the reception desk is usually located in a prominent spot and has a stylish design. Reception tables made of materials such as wood, glass or metal are generally preferred.

Armchairs and Sofa Sets

Armchairs and sofa sets are used to ensure the comfort of guests at the hotel reception. Comfortable and stylish armchairs allow guests to wait comfortably while hosting them. The material selection and pattern of the seats should be compatible with the style and ambiance of the hotel. Therefore, it is important to choose colors and patterns that suit the reception area.

Side Tables and Console Tables

Side tables and console tables offer useful spaces for guests at the hotel reception. This furniture provides a practical space where guests can easily put their bags, wallets or other belongings. Side tables and console tables are often placed around the reception desk and are made of durable materials such as wood or metal.

Standing Area

Some hotel receptions use high stools or bar stools to provide standing space for guests. This furniture can be a convenient option for a quick check-in/check-out process. Standing area provides a modern look and dynamic environment. Wooden or metal stools can be chosen depending on the style of the hotel.

Storage and Shelving Systems

A useful storage system at the hotel reception is important so that employees can do their jobs more regularly and effectively. Chests of drawers or shelving systems are ideal for organizing materials and documents used in the reception area. This furniture can have a minimalist design and usually comes in white or neutral colors.

Furniture used in hotel reception decoration should not only offer a pleasant atmosphere to guests, but also help employees do their jobs more regularly. The style and material selection of the furniture should reflect the general style of the hotel and should be arranged to increase the satisfaction of the guests. First of all, functionality and visual appeal should be taken into account in the hotel reception.

How Should Hotel Service Desks Be

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

How Should Hotel Service Desks Be  ?

Hotel service desks should be considered as an important element to ensure the comfort of guests and the effectiveness of the service. A well-designed service desk helps hotel staff provide service to guests quickly and efficiently, while also allowing guests to communicate their needs easily. Here are some important factors on what hotel service desks should look like:


Service desks should be designed to meet the needs of users. For this reason, storage space and useful drawers should include functional features such as keeping the cups stable and the wheels moving easily on the floor.


Service desks should be ergonomically designed to ensure that hotel staff can work comfortably for long periods of time. An adjustable-height desk and a comfortable chair are important to improve staff work efficiency and prevent physical discomfort.

Guest Communication

Service desks are there to interact with guests and provide quick service. Desks located close to the reception area allow guests to easily submit their requests and have their needs met quickly. It is also important that tables are arranged in a way that protects guests' privacy.


Hotel service desks should be designed in harmony with the general decoration style of the hotel. It should be made of quality and durable materials and have a stylish and aesthetic appearance. An eye-pleasing design is important to positively affect guests' hotel experience and create a sense of trust.

Successful functional and aesthetic design of hotel service desks plays an important role in ensuring guest satisfaction of hotel staff. A comfortable and useful service desk can make the hotel experience even more unforgettable and become one of the factors that make guests choose the hotel.

Lüksdecor Furniture, a Furniture Brand that Designs and Produces Hotel Furniture in Turkey

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Turkey attracts attention as a rapidly growing and developing country in the tourism sector. Therefore, with the increase in hotel projects, hotel furniture production has also gained great importance. Many brands in Turkey offer furniture specially designed and produced for hotel projects.

Luxdecor Furniture offers quality, durable and stylish furniture to its customers with years of experience and expert knowledge. Offering customized designs for hotel room furniture, lobby furniture, restaurant furniture and other hotel areas, it has a variety of product options to meet customer expectations. Keeping its quality standards high, Luxdecor Hotel Furniture works with quality materials to complete the luxurious and comfortable hotel experience.

Offering a wide range of products to its customers, Luxdecor offers quality and aesthetic furniture at every stage of hotel projects.

Luxdecor Furniture offers customized furniture solutions for hotel projects. It pleases its customers with furniture designed for hotel rooms, restaurants, lobbies and other hotel areas. The fact that Luxdecor Furniture represents high standards in terms of quality, comfort and aesthetics is one of the reasons why it is preferred in hotel projects.

Hotel furniture production in Turkey has gained great importance with the growth in the tourism sector. Luxdecor is among the brands that provide the best service in hotel projects in Turkey.

As a result, Luxdecor, among the brands producing hotel furniture in Turkey, offers special designs and creative solutions to meet the high demand in the sector. This brand, which plays an important role in the success of hotel projects, aims to complete the luxurious, comfortable and aesthetic hotel experience.

​Lüksdecor Mobilya is among the brands that design and produce hotel furniture in Turkey.

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

The Turkish tourism sector has developed rapidly in recent years and has become a world-renowned school. For this reason, the quality standards of hotels in Turkey have also increased and a trend focusing on luxury and comfort has begun. As a result of this trend, the hotel furniture industry in Turkey has also grown rapidly. Luxdecor Mobilya has taken its place among some of the famous brands that design and produce hotel furniture in Turkey.

1. Luxdecor Furniture, one of Turkey's leading furniture brands, offers furniture specially designed for hotel projects. Luxdecor Hotel furniture collections combine comfort, functionality and elegance. Stylish designs, combined with high-quality materials, create a unique and impressive atmosphere for hotels.

2. Luxdecor Furniture is a well-known brand in the field of hotel furniture in Turkey and abroad, in its hotel furniture decoration collections. Standing out with its contemporary designs, Modelleri produces furniture that meets the aesthetic and functional needs of hotels. It offers a unique experience in hotels by combining authentic and modern styles.

3. Luxdecor Furniture is a brand specialized in hotel furniture production in Turkey. It offers customized solutions to hotel businesses with its wide product range. Offering elegance and quality together, Luxdecor Furniture prioritizes the ambience of hotels and the comfort of guests.

4. Luxdecor Furniture is a prominent brand in the Turkish hotel furniture industry. Drawing attention with its creative designs and quality workmanship, Gamma adopts a contemporary style in hotel furniture. A wide range of products can be customized to suit the different needs of hotels.

5. Luxdecor Furniture's goal is to stand out among the leading companies in the Turkish hotel furniture industry, as well as with its success in the international arena.

Turkish hotel furniture brands help hotels provide high service quality to their guests by producing products that combine comfort and aesthetics. Furniture produced with quality materials and workmanship plays an important role in creating a modern and comfortable atmosphere in hotels. In addition, these brands create special designs for hotel projects and create an ambience that reflects the personalities and brands of the hotels. The hotel furniture industry in Turkey continues its rise thanks to brands with high quality and original designs.

Things to Consider in Hotel Lobby Furniture Decorations

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

The hotel lobby is the hotel's place where guests first interact and enter their stay experience.

Lobby furniture and decoration are extremely important for the hotel's identity, style and the experience it wants to offer its guests.

Lobby Furniture Used in Hotels

Furniture frequently used in hotel lobbies includes armchairs, chairs, tables, coffee tables and seating groups.

Comfortable and stylish furniture is preferred, aiming to make guests comfortable and create a pleasant atmosphere.

It is important that the design fits the style of the hotel and that it is in harmony with the brand identity in color and pattern selection.

Things to Consider in Lobby Decoration

- Lobby decoration should be carefully considered to provide a pleasant welcome to the hotel's guests and a comfortable atmosphere.

- Elements such as lighting, color and material selection play an important role in lobby decoration.

- Details such as carefully selected paintings, plants, sculptures and decorative objects enliven the lobby and provide an aesthetic appearance.

Design and Sections of Hotel Lobby

- The hotel lobby is usually divided into different areas, these areas may include the entrance, reception, seating areas, hotel museum or gallery, restaurants and bars.

- The design of the lobby should comply with the architectural style of the hotel and be arranged according to the needs of the guests.

Latest Trends in Hotel Lobby Decoration

- Minimalist designs: Simplicity and minimalism are one of the popular trends of hotel lobbies in recent years. A simple and spacious appearance ensures guests' comfort.

- Natural materials: The use of natural materials such as wood, natural stone and plant elements is a frequently preferred trend in hotel lobbies. This creates a natural atmosphere and a feeling of comfort.

- Technology integration: New technological features such as smart screens, modern furniture, wireless charging stations are one of the trends of the future in hotel lobbies. It provides convenience to guests and creates a modern impression.


- Hotel lobby furniture and decorations should be carefully designed to reflect the image of the hotel and provide comfort and a pleasant environment for guests.

- The design of the lobby should be carefully planned with high-quality furniture to determine focal points, meet the needs of guests and reflect the style of the hotel.

​Furniture Selection in Hotel Furniture Decorations

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Hotel furniture and decorations are important elements that create the atmosphere and comfort of a hotel. Ergonomic furniture and aesthetic decoration that ensure the comfort of guests complete the hotel experience and increase customer satisfaction. Here is more information about furniture and decoration trends used in hotels:

Furniture Selection

The selection of furniture to be used in the hotel should reflect the style and concept of the business. Guests evaluate the quality and comfort of the furniture used in hotel rooms and common areas. While room furniture includes elements such as beds, armchairs, tables, chairs and cabinets, furniture such as seating groups, restaurant tables, bar stools and reception tables are used in common areas.

In recent years, furniture selections have been made by prioritizing extraordinary designs and comfort. For example, minimalist and modern styles have become popular in hotels. Designs using raw natural materials can provide a warm atmosphere to hotels. At the same time, environmentally friendly furniture, where recyclable materials are preferred, also adapts to the sustainability trend.

Color and Decoration

Color selection and decoration in the hotel are the factors that determine the ambiance of the hotel. Colors have a huge impact on mood, so choosing the right colors can influence how guests feel while creating the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

For a cool and relaxing environment, neutral colors and pastel tones are frequently preferred. These are often used on walls, furniture and textiles in hotel rooms and public areas. Additionally, light colors give rooms a larger and more spacious appearance.

Decoration complements the aesthetic appearance of hotel rooms and common areas. Especially in hotel rooms, details such as lighting, artwork, pillows and curtains that provide a relaxing ambiance are important. Likewise, in common areas, the hotel atmosphere is completed by using decorative elements such as plants, sculptures and wall hangings.

Auditory and Visual Experience

In addition to hotel furniture and decoration, audio and visual experience are also important for guests. Technological elements such as sound systems and televisions complement the comfort of hotel rooms and common areas. Especially for business travelers, details such as high-speed internet connection and work space are very valuable.

Likewise, quality music systems and large screen televisions are used in the hotel lobby or restaurant to ensure that guests have a pleasant experience.


Hotel furniture and decorations are important elements that determine the general atmosphere of the hotel and the comfort of the guests. Choosing quality and comfortable furniture and using the right colors and decoration increases the aesthetics and user experience of the hotel. Not ignoring the audio and visual experience increases guest satisfaction and increases the probability of choosing the hotel.

Style and Comfort with Hotel Room Table Chair Models

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Style and Comfort with Hotel Room Table Chair Models

Hotel rooms should be designed with careful thought to ensure guests are comfortable and make their stay enjoyable. In this design process, hotel room furniture plays a big role. Tables and chairs are important elements for guests to carry out activities such as doing business, eating or resting. Here are some tips about hotel room table and chair models:

Style and Design

The style of the table and chairs is an important factor to consider to add a pleasant atmosphere to the hotel room. First of all, it is important to choose a style that suits the general concept of the hotel. In a modern hotel, tables and chairs with minimalist designs may be preferred, while in a classic hotel you can choose more elegant and detailed models.

Color selection should also be included in the design. Table and chair colors should be compatible with the walls, curtains and other furniture of the room. Contrasting colors can be used or a calmer color palette can be chosen.

Comfort and Ergonomics

It is important that tables and chairs are comfortable to meet guests' long-term sitting or working needs. It should not be forgotten that especially in hotels preferred for business trips, guests are looking for a work desk and an ergonomic chair.

Chairs with a soft cushion or back support are ideal for extended periods of sitting. Adjustable height features allow guests to personalize the chair according to their wishes.

The table surface should be chosen carefully to ensure that it provides sufficient space and provides a suitable surface for working or eating. You can choose a table made of durable and easy-to-clean material.

Functionality and Storage

Tables and chairs used in hotel rooms are not only used for sitting and working purposes. Additional functionality such as drawers or shelving systems that can be cleverly designed to provide storage areas can be considered. In this way, guests can store their belongings in an orderly manner and get rid of the mess in their rooms.

Conclusion Hotel room table and chair models should be chosen to make the guests' stay enjoyable and meet their needs. Factors such as style and design, comfort and ergonomics, functionality and storage should be taken into account. In this way, hotel rooms can provide an environment that will enable guests to have positive experiences.

Hotel Room Furniture Decorations Comfort and Functionality

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Hotel Room Furniture Decorations Comfort and Functionality

Hotel businesses aim to provide a comfortable and stylish environment while hosting their guests. Hotel room furniture decorations play an important role towards this purpose. To impress the guests' stay experience and provide them with an unforgettable experience, good attention must be paid to the interior design.

1. Comfort Should Be a Priority

The comfort of guests is the most important element in hotel rooms. Comfortable and functional furniture allows guests to relax, work and generally have a pleasant time. Basic furnishings such as a comfortable bed, a supportive chair, and a desk enhance guests' comfort. At the same time, guests should be allowed to store their belongings in an orderly manner by providing storage solutions such as cabinets and drawers of appropriate sizes.

2. Aesthetics and Elegance

Hotel room furniture decorations should be aesthetically appealing. A stylish and modern style ensures that guests find peace and have a pleasant time in the room. In choosing colours, patterns and materials, harmonious elements that fit the general atmosphere of the room should be preferred. A sophisticated and contemporary look can be achieved through the clever combination of different materials such as wood, metal and glass.

3. Functionality and Flexibility

Hotel rooms must be functional and flexible to respond to various guest demands. With mobile furniture pieces or built-in storage units, it is possible to easily make an arrangement that suits the needs of the guests. For example, a desk or folding table allows guests to use it to get work done or eat. Additionally, a comfortable armchair or sofa set in seating areas creates an ideal infrastructure for relaxing or entertaining guests.

4. Lighting

Besides hotel room furniture, lighting is also an important factor in interior design. The right lighting can influence the atmosphere of the room and create a suitable environment for different activities of the guests. While dim lighting may be preferred for a soft and romantic atmosphere, brighter and more focused lighting may be required for work. It is important that lighting options provide variety and can be adjusted according to guests' preferences.

5. Quality and Durability

Hotel room furniture must be able to withstand heavy use. The use of durable and high-quality materials ensures the long life of the furniture. Additionally, easy cleanability and durability should also be considered. Guests should feel that the condition of the furniture is perfect before and after use.

As a result, hotel room furniture decorations aim to provide guests with comfort and a pleasant accommodation experience. Comfort should be a priority, aesthetics and stylish design are important. Functionality and flexibility, lighting options and the use of quality materials are all elements to consider to create an unforgettable hotel room atmosphere.

​Furniture Selection for Wedding Hall Furniture and Decorations

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Furniture Selection for Wedding Hall Furniture and Decorations

Wedding is considered one of the most important life events and aims to create an unforgettable experience for couples. Therefore, one of the most important elements of the wedding process is the selection of appropriate wedding hall furniture and decoration. The right furniture and decoration can help create the atmosphere of the wedding and provide an unforgettable experience.

Wedding Hall Furniture Selection

Wedding hall furniture is important to make guests comfortable, offer guests a comfortable space and complement the theme of the wedding. There are some factors to consider when choosing furniture:

Wedding Hall Number of Guests The amount and arrangement of furniture may vary depending on the size of the wedding. By determining the number of guests, the right amount of furniture can be provided and a space can be created where everyone can sit comfortably.

Wedding Venue Style and Theme The style and theme of the wedding can influence the choice of furniture. There are options such as using wooden tables and chairs in a rustic wedding or choosing white leather chairs in a modern wedding. Theme-appropriate furniture fits the atmosphere of the wedding and provides guests with a consistent experience.

Wedding Hall Comfort It is important that guests are comfortable and have a pleasant experience. Furniture with soft cushions, ergonomic seating arrangements and large lounge chairs offer a comfortable space for guests.

Wedding Hall Decoration Selection

Wedding hall decoration is important to create the atmosphere of the wedding and reflect the personal style of the couple. Some factors to consider when choosing decoration are:

Wedding Hall Colors Choosing colors suitable for the wedding theme completes the unity and provides visual integrity. You can add liveliness and romance by using colorful tablecloths, flower arrangements and accessories.

Wedding Hall Lighting Lighting is an important factor in setting the wedding atmosphere. While dim lighting can be used for a soft and romantic atmosphere, brighter lighting can be preferred to create an energetic atmosphere.

Wedding Hall Accessories Accessories to be used in the wedding hall can complement your wedding theme. Accessories such as flower arrangements, candles, and small decorative objects placed on the table can add character to the space and create unforgettable photo moments.

Wedding Hall Entrance Area The entrance area of the wedding hall is the place that will create the first impression of the guests. Couples can plan thoughtful entrance decoration to offer a pleasant welcome. You can create a striking space to welcome guests by using elements such as welcome boards, flowers and lighting.

Private Areas Private areas at weddings include areas such as the seats where the bride and groom sit, the photo corner and the dance floor. It is important to take care of these areas to ensure that couples and their guests enjoy their special moments in the best possible way.

Wedding hall furniture and decorations help you create the atmosphere of the wedding and provide an unforgettable experience. While a comfortable space is created with the choice of furniture, the personal style of the couple is reflected with the choice of decoration. Considering every detail and making choices that fit the wedding theme will help you provide your guests with a wedding experience they will never forget.

Take care in choosing the right furniture and decoration for an unforgettable wedding organization!

Wedding Hall Decoration from Italian Furniture

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Wedding Hall Decoration from Italian Furniture

For many couples, the wedding day is one of the most special and unforgettable moments of their lives. Wedding hall decoration is of great importance to make this special day even more unforgettable. You can turn your wedding hall into a magical atmosphere by using Italian style furniture. Italian furniture is known as a symbol of elegance and luxury and is the ideal option to capture these characteristics at your wedding.

Here are some tips to help you create a perfect wedding hall decoration inspired by Italian furniture:

1. Living Room Layout Reflecting the Elegance of Italian Furniture

You can create a palace atmosphere in your wedding hall by using Italian furniture. You can attract attention by choosing a large and elegant living room layout. For example, you can focus on the center of the hall with a round wedding table and elegant chairs surrounding it. Chair cushions decorated with elegant fabrics such as lace and silk reflect the romantic and luxurious atmosphere of the Italian style.

2. Italian Furniture's Admiration for Stone and Marble

The use of stone and marble is quite common in Italian furniture design. You can create an Italian aesthetic with stone touches in your wedding hall. For example, you can use a marble-patterned dance floor or stylish tablecloths with marble-like patterns on your tables. You can also support the decoration of your living room with marble columns or wall panels.

3. Choosing Stylish Furniture in Italian Style

Italian furniture is known for its elegant and stylish designs. You can complete your decoration by choosing furniture that reflects the Italian style at your wedding. For example, you can choose a table with French relief patterns or carved chairs in white, gold or silver tones. You can emphasize the Italian style by using stylish tablecloths with antique or gold details on your tables.

4. Shining Italian Chandeliers

Italian furniture is often complemented by sparkling and charming chandeliers. You can enrich the ambiance of your wedding hall by choosing a chandelier. Large, crystal chandeliers in Italian design create a feeling of elegance and elegance in your living room. By positioning your chandelier over the wedding table, you can emphasize the importance of the table.

5. Italian Style Flower Arrangements

Flowers, one of the indispensable elements of wedding decoration, should be perfectly complemented with the flower arrangements to be chosen for the Italian style wedding hall. Large and showy flowers are generally preferred in Italian decoration. You can use large and eye-catching flower arrangements, especially prepared with flowers such as orchids, roses and lilies. Additionally, large garlands decorated with green leaves on table tops and ceiling decorations are an ideal option to reflect the Italian style.

Transforming your wedding hall with inspiration from Italian furniture is a great idea to make your wedding unforgettable. Using these tips, you can create a wedding hall decoration suitable for Italian style. Don't forget to use Italian furniture and decoration in an impressive way to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

We wish you a happy marriage!

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