Tricks in Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Furniture is an indispensable part of our daily life that makes our living space beautiful and easy, durable consumer goods.

Although furniture is an indispensable part of our decoration, in the category of durable goods, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning it. The important point here is that the cleaning is done correctly, if it is not done correctly, the furniture will begin to wear out over time. While we are dealing with furniture cleaning, we will do the cleaning by categorizing the issue and analyze them, how to clean them.

Chipboard and MDFlam coating Cleaning of furniture;

If the furniture material is laminated, it is not important whether it is chipboard or MDF because the chipboard and MDFlam surface are manufactured from the same material. Laminating is similar to laminate, but laminate is more resistant in this respect. The two should not be mixed. The most important point to be considered in cleaning of standard and mdflam furniture is; The edges of the laminate coverings are PVC bonding. Normally, there is no problem even if water remains on the slide material, but water leakage from the pvc edges will cause the material to swell and rot over time. Therefore, make sure that there is no wetness in the PVC adhesive part during cleaning.

Lam furniture is divided into two types as normal slide coating and high gloss slide coating. The cloth to be used in cleaning of Hgh Gloss Lam material should be smooth and clean. You do not need to use any cleaning chemistry to clean this material. You can only clean with pure clean water and a smooth cloth. It is not important that the cloth has a smooth surface for cleaning the normal slide material because it is scratch resistant.

. Since the laminated material will generally be swollen and patterned in its shape, cleaning is done with a pure watery cloth, but darkening may occur over time. In order to eliminate these tarnishes, you can pour cif into the bucket full of water and prevent tarnish with double water. It should be noted here that at the end of cleaning, the furniture is wiped with a dry cloth in such a way that there is no damp place.

Cleaning of Wooden Furniture; When we look at wooden furniture in general, we can divide it into two parts: lacquer and veneer. These furniture look more elegant compared to the laminate, but they are more sensitive. Especially bright surface structure is suitable for scratching. The cloth you will use in cleaning must be smooth and cottony.

We do not recommend smooth microfiber cloths, instead we recommend softer cloths. We do not recommend using chemical cleaning materials because the quality of lacquer paint used in furniture is very important, if the paint is second class, you may encounter situations such as paint tossing and fading. You can clean with pure clean water as long as there is no serious contamination (yellowing can be done with dirty cloth or if the paint is of poor quality).

Lacquer paint protects the wood and adds strength to the tree in this respect, but never repeat, never leave it moist and wet, otherwise bubbles may occur on the paint surface. The cloth to be used in wood cleaning should be soft, as well as you can clean with pure clean water or water with wood cleaner.