Becoming a Luksdecor Furniture Dealer with 5000 products and 250 categories in the Furniture Sector

by Lüksdecor Mobilya

Dealership Conditions
Lukdecor Furniture Business Network
Lukdecor wants to reproduce its business experience, which it has gained with the Bil Furniture Decoration brand since 1985, by carrying it to different geographies with the new generation furniture sales points with the Lukdecor brand. Through ads in different countries and in Turkey while having the opportunity to reach as soon as possible to the experience acquired in the world. In this way, he can focus his concentration only on business development. On this platform, where all the processes of the sales points are monitored, the members have full control over the work flow processes and continuously improve themselves with instant action capability and special incentive methods.

Lukdecor Furniture Types: 11 main and 240 intermediate categories of our Luksdecor brand. There are 5,000 product types.
Luxury Home Furniture
Discount Home Furniture
Furniture Accessories
Metal Furniture
Hotel Furniture
Cafe Bar Furniture
Office furnitures
Garden Furniture
Decoration Products
Kitchen cabinets
Bathroom cabinets

Examine and try our website and our products with 5,000 products in 240 intermediate categories. Search for the general concept of the brand for you.

Application: After the application form you fill out on our website is evaluated, our brand representative will reach our dealer candidate and provide the necessary information about our dealership system.

Dealer Location: The dealer candidate determines the appropriate place to open their own Lukdecor dealer and discusses the prerequisites. Dealer communicates information about the suitability of the place, square meter, visible pictures from the street and efficiency to the Lukdecor authorities.

Product Selection Order: Luksdecor has structured its entire business structure according to the fastest dispatch and installation strategy with order-based production, that is, zero stock understanding. Within the framework of this strategy, the entire flow works in an integrated manner through the website.

In Lukdecor customer management; All post-sales services such as standardized proposal and project presentations, all pre-sales activities such as order management, all sales activities, problem reporting, tracking and measurement are carried out on new generation business platforms. The training of these business platforms is regularly developed for our website members.

Contract: Required for the signing of the contract, information, document, productivity, product variety issues

The dealer candidate sends the required documents. Following the fulfillment of the payment terms to be made by Luksdecora, it signs the 5-year Dealer Agreement.

Store Architectural Project M2: Luxdecor has a standard decoration model. Our architects visit the store area to be opened and complete the brand's corporate concept store drawings and application.

Store Decoration: Luksdecor supports its dealers with both material and labor force and experience in all processes from location selection to project planning, from product placement to decoration, siding and signage.

The initial setup provides special requirements for display products. costs vary according to the width of the space to be opened The interior area of the space should be at least 1000 m2 and the outer area should be at least 100 m2.

Personnel recruitment and training: All dealer employees, especially the luxdecor dealer candidate, are subjected to a total training, the first of which is in the head office. The dealer owner is responsible for the recruitment of the employees to work in the dealer. At least 2 people must be Interior Architects in the company.

Information processing: A branch website is opened for the dealer within the Luxurydecor brand website. Customer payments are made to all banks in 10 installments. The amount of products sold is transferred to the dealer's account after 5 working days. In-store 3D tour is added for the dealer. In this way, the customer visits the dealer store as if they were there and sees the products. He can see the price of the product he wants with a click.

Ads Support: Lukdecor has a team of artificial intelligence analog instant advertising to the whole world with its experience. Social media and Google ads are given jointly by Luxemdecor and Dealer in the dealer region.

Payments: Prepaid or 50% remaining payment on product order made before delivery

Product and Logistics Planning: Product shipment takes place only from the central warehouse. Own Luxdecor head office is responsible for the shipment and follow-up of the products that have dropped in the dealer system.

Store: Modoko 3. Street: No 116 Umraniye / Istanbul / Turkey
Production: Natoyolu caddesi Emre street. No: 2 Umraniye / Istanbul / Turkey


Phone number:
TEL +90 216 606 49 79
TEL 0 850 302 23 20
Whatssap: +90 536 796 97 65