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Production is made in different colors and fabrics specially for your product request.

Wood Colors: Walnut Color. White Lake, Black Lake, Anthracite Lake

Fabric Colors: Various fabrics will be shown on the chart.

Product Material: Made from Beech Tree according to the Product Model

Dimensions: It is manufactured in standard sizes according to the model.

* The product is guaranteed for 2 years.


* Delivery Time is 20 working days from order.

* Delivery Type: It will be before delivery with randeulu delivery.

* All provinces of Turkey a lot of free delivery to the front of the building is made by our delivery company.

* Delivery is made only by the shipping companies carrying furniture.


* All problems that may occur during transportation are under the responsibility of our company.

* Except for product production quality and cargo damages, returns and exchanges are not accepted since the products are manufactured according to your request.

2.570 TL (2.776 TL inc tax)
2.580 TL (2.786 TL inc tax)
2.280 TL (2.462 TL inc tax)
1.880 TL (2.030 TL inc tax)
2.480 TL (2.678 TL inc tax)
3.870 TL (4.180 TL inc tax)
2.780 TL (3.002 TL inc tax)
3.450 TL (3.726 TL inc tax)
2.480 TL (2.678 TL inc tax)
4.210 TL (4.547 TL inc tax)
1.870 TL (2.020 TL inc tax)
1.780 TL (1.922 TL inc tax)
1.890 TL (2.041 TL inc tax)
1.450 TL (1.566 TL inc tax)
2.350 TL (2.538 TL inc tax)
850 TL (918 TL inc tax)
980 TL (1.058 TL inc tax)
1.450 TL (1.566 TL inc tax)

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